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Year-End Giving Campaign!

"A Lady In Need"

She is "A Lady In Need"... she weathered the wind, rain, storms, and snow. The heat, the hail and the slow pull of gravity... yet, she stood standing! Her feet are planted with stacked field stones. Her wooden frame was laced with once weather-beaten clapboard. And her crown covered with sheet metal roofing.


Born circa 1910 to a community of rural farming parents, her calling was education. There she would instill the rudiments of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Her children were many; their children, more; and their children, a multitude!


Thanks to the beloved community, she has been restored as a rare living remnant. One of very few schoolhouses of its kind which did more to combat mass illiteracy among rural African Americans than any other institution. As we enter this season of giving, we would like to remind YOU of the ongoing cost of sharing this historical journey.


With the use of videos, QR Codes, updating our website, and other technological advances to enhance our narrative.  In addition, the continued expenses of electric bills, ground maintenance and other expenses as they arise. YOUR year- end tax-deductible donation will help make these advances possible and our expenses met.


On behalf of the Friends of Cherry Grove Schoolhouse, Inc. - Thank You!

Rosa May McMickens, Teacher CGS (1927-1930)

Rosa May McMickens, Teacher
Cherry Grove Schoolhouse

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